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Making Money Online

People have always wanted to look for ways to make money online. There are ways to make money online for free as well. But the hardest thing is to look for a particular niche or a group that allows you to make money from and earn a long-term income from it. There are tons of programs out there that teach you how to make money online. Some are beneficial, some not very. The key to the program in order for you to make it work is persistence.
You will not be able to make money in an instant. Believe me that there is no one who started off and got rich within one month. Through my years of studying systems, I have realized that the key to success is persistence.

What you need to do first is look for ways to make money online for free. What you need is to start with nothing and try to sell someone’s product for free. Look for something that works for you.

Here are some Options.

OPTION #1  Article Marketing

OPTION  #2  Ad Revenues Like Google Adsense , PropellerAd or

OPTION  #3  Surveys. Some Surveys pays you $1.00 – $20.00 / Survey

OPTION  #4  eCommerce

OPTION  #5  Affiliate Links/Networks

OPTION  #6  Sell eBooks

Plus Many More.




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Writing an Ultimate Landing Page.

These tips and techniques will get you started, but they just scratch the proverbial surface. Design elements are critical, too — color, images, layout — as well as video, audio, and other interactivity elements whose purpose is to more deeply engage the reader and boost response. They all merit a deeper look and testing where it makes sense.

 1. Make sure your headline refers directly to the place from which your visitor came or the ad copy that drove the click. Match your language as exactly as you can. (Close is good, exact is best.) This way you keep your visitor oriented and engaged. This is by far the most important part of your landing page.

2. Provide a clear call to action. Whether you use graphic buttons or hot-linked text (or both), tell your visitor what they need to do. I use a minimum of 2 calls to action in a short landing page, 3-5 in a long landing page. Copy tests here will give you the biggest bang next to testing headlines.

3. Write in the second person – You and Your. No one gives a rat’s patootie about you, your company, or even your product or service except as to how it benefits him or her. (The bigger the company the more time I spend rewriting their stuff from We to You.)

4. Write to deliver a clear, persuasive message, not to showcase your creativity or ability to turn a clever phrase. This is business, not a personal expression of your art. (Every copy coaching student hears me say this at least once.)

5. You can write long copy as long as it’s tight. I always err on writing a little long on the first drafts because it’s easier to edit down than to pad up skimpy copy. Your reader will read long copy as long as you keep building a strong, motivating case for him/her to act. However, not every product or service will require the same amount of copy investment. Rule of thumb: Think longer copy when you’re looking to close a sale. Think shorter copy for a subscription sign-up or something that doesn’t necessarily require a cash commitment..

6. Be crystal clear in your goals. Keep your body copy on point as a logical progression from your headline and offer. Don’t add tangential thoughts, ancillary services, and generic hoo-hah. (Hoo-hah makes the client feel good but wastes the readers time.) Every digression is a conversion lost.

7. Keep your most important points at the beginning of paragraphs and bullets. Most visitors are skimming and skipping through your copy. Make it easy for them to get the joke without having to slow down.

8. In line with #7, people read beginnings and ends before they read middles. Make sure you keep your most critical, persuasive arguments in these positions.

9. Make your first paragraph short, no more than 1-2 lines (that’s lines, not sentences.) Vary your paragraph line length from here. It helps create visual dissonance and makes it easier to read your copy. And no paragraph should be more than 4-5 lines long at any time.

10. Write to the screen. Take a piece of paper and frame-out where your text, buttons, and design elements will go. Consider how much of your content will be seen “above the fold” or at the first screen. You can still go long and have visitors scroll downward. If so, you’ll want to make sure you repeat essential calls to action, testimonials and other components so no matter where your visitor is, an ACT NOW link or button remains is visible.

11. Remove all extraneous matter from your landing page. This includes navigation bars, visual clutter, and links to other sections. You want the reader focused solely on your copy, your supportive visuals, and the offer you’re making without being tempted to wander around the room.

12. Don’t ask for what you don’t need. Ask for only enough information to complete the sale or the desired action. This isn’t the time to conduct a marketing survey. Every question you ask, every piece of information you require will chip away at your response. Be judicious.

13. Assume nothing. Test everything.

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Jumpstart Your Marketing Network

Seek a source of information that is reliable, and give the misinformation and gimmicks a wide berth. Use this article as a source for good advice that is not only current, but helpfully accurate as well.

Get your down line to participate and communicate. Are they shy? Is there an unresolved issue? Make sure your network feels free to contact you directly for advice and perspective. It is also important that they maintain good communication within the group as a whole to keep enthusiasm high. A team where everyone participates is usually the best, and you want your team to be the best.

Keep your expectations low in the beginning. Many people become discouraged after a short time. The introductory stage of your business operations is one of the most critical periods. Even when things start out slowly, the momentum of your business will pick up for the long term as you execute your network marketing program.

Building a website is a great idea for network marketing, but even using social networking sites is a start. Even a good blog can generate enough interest. In addition, make sure you are taking full advantage of the exposure you can get from the various social media options to enhance your network. If you have a presence on the internet you will expand your network. Keep in mind that an active and well designed blog helps too.

Get your network contacts to engage and take over the conversation. It is easier for you to promote your product, if you take the time to get to know your networking contacts. You know their needs, wants, fears and dreams, so you can direct your market to them.

Because prospective partners are bound to eventually get your answering service, you want your voicemail message to be engaging. Make the message simple, clear and to the point. Keep it positive and sound welcoming. Keep the message short. Tell them what information they should leave, and when to expect a call back.

Now that you know how to connect to the millions of people who network online, you can market anything you desire. There will never be a shortage of new names, ideas, or products on the market. Those who make use of the proven ideas in this article will find the most success.

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Buying and Selling

Buying and SellingHey everyone! I’m Kelly and I make a living buying and selling anything and everything. I’m going to teach you everything that I know. If you spend the next few hours reading this and asking questions, you will learn something very important. Knowledge is only a small fraction of this business though. Half of you will read this and continue your lives only wishing you could make a good in the resale business. Another 25% of you will probably read this and “try” reselling. I put “try” in quotes because you will probably half-ass it with a doubtful mind. You will scoff and think to yourself “If it’s so easy and you can make so much money, why isn’t everyone doing it?” or “It just sounds too good to be true.” I’ll let you in on a little hint. Everyone does do this. That’s what makes this job so challenging!

Those of you who put in the proper effort will succeed. Is this because the resale business is hard? You’re damn right it’s hard! If you actually take in what I teach you, however, in 6 months’ time, you will be making around $2000-10,000/month working between 5 and 20 hours per week, at your own schedule, from your own home.

Before I get in to the hot and steamy facts, I want to tell you a little bit about myself. I’m 22 years old (in a few weeks at least) and I currently live in Indianapolis, Indiana. I’ve had the “reseller’s sickness” since I was young. My mom told me a story once about how when I was in the first grade, I tried to sell Garfield comics that I printed off the internet to my classmates for a nickel. I didn’t have a real business though, until I was about 15 years old. I would go and find furniture and appliances that people left on the curb to throw out, and I would resell them in the classified section of the newspaper, and eventually, on craigslist. I made a killing (at least for a 15 year old) doing this! You can actually still make money doing that, but I’ll talk more about that later on. In 2011 I up and left my small town home for the big city, Charlotte, North Carolina, half a world away. Okay, just 1000 miles, but that’s still a long ways away! I quickly got a job selling cars for the local Kia dealership (they told me I’d be a used car salesman someday lol) and within 2 months I was promoted to corporate. I was the Executive marketing director for one of the oldest dealership franchises in the Carolinas. I made $50,000 per year plus benefits (including all the fuel I ever needed in my car for free). I could be sitting pretty there for the rest of my life if I wanted to, but I dreamt bigger things. October 15th, 2012 was a big day for me. It was my last day in the car business. I left to start reselling on eBay full time.

Since then I’ve expanded to amazon and craigslist along with eBay and nearly a year in, I’m making about the same as I did in the car business. The difference is I work at my own schedule. I can travel, spend time with friends/family, and do whatever I want because I work half the time that I did before. Now for those of you doubters, if I can leave a cushy corporate job to do this full time and never look back, you shouldn’t be afraid to start reselling too!

What are the benefits of reselling?

For starters, you can make a good living. That’s pretty obvious though. The freedom to work your own schedule and limited hours are the biggest benefit in my opinion. Living out of state, so far from my friends and family, it’s nice to take a few days off to go visit them. I also love travelling so I can go anywhere at the drop of a dime without worry of getting fired or using up PTO. You can also get health insurance through eBay. Lastly, because you are always finding deals and know how to buy low, you can usually get things you need for next to nothing!

There are two sides to every story. What are the cons of reselling?

There aren’t a lot of cons, but with everything, there are always a few. For starters, you really need to motivate yourself. With no boss looking over you, there’s nothing stopping you from skipping work for a day…..or 20. I found that out the hard way when I only made $500 last November. Too much travelling and not enough working! Another downside goes along with your health insurance. It can take a few months to get health coverage through eBay, so you’ll be insurance free until then. Lastly, you can’t prove your income until you file taxes. Don’t plan on getting any loans or leases or renting a new home until you get that tax statement next year!

If it’s so easy, why doesn’t everyone do it?

That’s a valid question that I have to answer a lot. The truth is, everyone does it, and it really pisses me off! Every time you find a new niche item or unknown supplier, you need to milk it as much as you can, because soon enough, so many people will do it that it will either (1) flood the market and drop prices, or (2) people will buy it up so much that the product cost will skyrocket. DVDs are a prime example. I used to buy them in HUGE collections from people at $1 each and sell them for $3 each. Soon later I could only sell the rare ones and the common ones would go straight to the pawn shop for my $1 back. Within months pawn shops would only pay 50 cents per DVD. Then $0.25. No they don’t buy them at all. DVDs are almost worthless! I’ve seen it happen time and time again. In fact, every month or so I have a new product that I buy and sell primarily. This can really be a pain working in an ever changing industry!

So where can I find merchandise?

There are all kinds of places to find merchandise! Soon, you’ll find yourself pricing every item you see in your head!

I find most of my merchandise in the following places:

  • Craigslist
  • yard sales
  • Flea markets
  • Goodwill / thrift stores
  • Clearance items at stores like Target / Walmart
  • Salvage stores like Big Lots
  • eBay
  • Return business

What kinds of items sell best

This is a very broad question that I get asked a lot. You can sell just about anything if you get it at the right price. I don’t want to tell you any specific items, because this changes daily, but try to look for things that are in high demand. Search craigslist for things like video game systems and hot electronics. Find the people that need cash NOW and lowball the hell out of them. They get cash now and you get a profit later. You can also find people moving, trying to unload a ton of furniture. Buy it for one price and sell it later at higher prices. If you find a discontinued item that people love, buy it and wait until later. People were paying over $100 for a box of twinkies a month after stores were sold out!

I always like to find things that I can get for next to nothing that everyone just passes by. You’d be surprised what sells! I can get scrabble games for around a dollar and sell the tiles to crafters for $10/set. I find TV remotes and sell them in wholesale lots for $1 each. Broken video game systems sell really well for parts as well! Try and make your own niche. If you hit it early, you’ll get more sales before the market gets saturated.

Tell me about shipping

Anytime I buy anything, I save the bubble wrap and box. This comes in handy because I hate spending $16 for a small roll of bubble wrap. If I have to, I get boxes at walmart when they are restocking. I also use newspaper to pack boxes. It’s all about being green right?

Always ship directly through amazon / ebay. It’s about 30% cheaper than going to the post office and much easier. Use media mail when you can (books, DVDs, CDs, etc) and anytime it’s under 13oz ship first class. I usually find it cheaper to ship in my own boxes instead of flat rate, but sometimes medium FR boxes come in handy. Order yourself a ton of flat rate padded envelopes. They are about $5.70 to ship an item and you can pack them tight! Also, get yourself a shipping scale and make sure to pack everything tight! You see the posts on the front page about how fed ex and ups deliver items!

Lastly, you want to get insurance on anything that you ship that’s over $250. It’s eBay’s policy and it will really cover your ass!

Here’s what you need to get started:

First, a smartphone. Don’t have one? GET ONE! My iphone 4 costs me about $75 a month and it’s worth every penny! Download the “amazon price check” app and the “ebay” app. I use the former to scan items to see if it’s worth anything on a regular basis.

Next, get yourself a shipping scale. You can get them cheap; for about $12, on eBay. Don’t just guess! It’ll cost you in the end!

You’ll want a USB barcode scanner. This makes listing a breeze, especially when you have hundreds of DVDs and books to look up. They are about $10 on eBay.

Order bubble mailers off of eBay too (noticing a pattern here?). #0 are best for DVDs and #2 and #4 are best for about everything else!

give yourself a dedicated office. I use my spare bedroom, but it might be smart to work out of a storage unit too.

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